From William Plevney

Mary, I did a quick check on prices for both Disneyland tickets and hotel room cost, all the prices are off the Disney web site,no one offers a great discount on tickets, so here are Disney’s prices, $69 for adults 10+ and $59 for kids 3-9 either park, same day ticket for both parks $94 adults and $84 for kids…..and a two day pass for both parks is $143 per adult and $123 for kids. There are a few hotel’s that offer discounted Disney tickets, but I’m talking about one or two dollars only per ticket and based on weather or not you stay at their hotel. Now hotel prices vary depending on where you choice to stay, of course, the closer to the park the high the cost and the further away will cost you less……..prices ranged from around $89 a night to $199, again the price depends on the location of the hotel…….prices for rooms at the Disney hotels are slightly higher, they range from $150 to $300………….Like i said these prices are right from the Internet and discount travel agencies priceline, orbits, expedia.
So as soon as we can get a count on the number of people that will be attending this most special event i will resubmit the numbers to get a better idea of the prices for hotel rooms. 


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